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Have you ever heard of Google ranking? Or are you familiar with search engine result pages or SERP ranking? How about Search engine optimization or SEO? Well, if you are new owner of a website and a beginner in the virtual world, you might probably had come across with those word but do not have an elaborate idea about them unless your website host have explained them to you. But for your sake we will explain it here in simple detail but for more extensive information you can follow this link from

SEO hosting is basically offered to site owners by either a freelance SEO consultant or expert or an SEO provider company, so depending on your preference as an owner you could hire either. The purpose of SEO is to optimize your website ranking in SERP for increase traffic and exposure giving you more opportunity than other websites to advertise or sell your market in the web.

Google is the gian in SERP, it is the biggest search engine that people are turning to for queries and for just about anything, so the more your site pop up on the top of those queries the more it has a chance of being visited thus increasing your popularity.

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C-class is one of the three classes of Internet Protocol or IP addresses in relation to search engine optimization or SEO. It is not the same as the IPs that we know when it comes to networking whereas IPs are unique addresses that are designated to a certain device that is used to communicate in s certain network or in the internet. IPs in SEO are much more different that it refers to an address or data destination and information of a website which is further explained here.

C class hosting is a service given by web host companies to a website that has something to do in SEO. This class of IP hosting is usually offered on a multiple basis. Meaning you’ll get a host of IPs with multiple different IPs in a class enabling you to create hundreds of different sites that has different IPs under your sole control thus you’ll be able to dominate the SERP by employing those websites to boost your ranking and promote your online businesses.

Class C IPs are also the most common and widely used IP to be designated to a website because they are quite cheaper than the other classes of IPs which is Class A and Class B. Class B is quite rare but Class A is rarer that it is impossible for search engine to identify whether it has relationship with other IPs or websites in its class even if they were all owned by a single webmaster.